Influencer Marketing Tips For Startup Companies

A Startup Marketing Strategy is an effective marketing plan which suits a startup's limited budget and promises faster growth than more traditional marketing plans. In this day and age when everything needs a price tag to prove its worth, startups can hardly afford to disregard an effective marketing strategy. If you are planning to launch a new product or service, a great way to attract potential customers is to offer free trials. Offering free trials has the added benefit of not only giving the customer a taste of what your product or service has to offer, but also allows you to test market and measure your effectiveness. However, if your product or service requires a heavy marketing campaign in order to be successful, here are some effective tips for your marketing strategy.

- Use Social Media Marketing (SMM) to promote your new product launches. An SMM strategy focuses on creating online visibility through various social networks. In addition, it encourages interaction among users, thus, encouraging brand loyalty and generating feedback and comments about your product or service. SMM can be used for news releases, content, blogs, videos, and websites. To make full use of the benefits of SMM, build a Facebook application or a Google+ account to share information with the community.

- Outsource PR. A startup can focus on developing its products and services while having its public image prepared for PR events. PR events include press conferences, open houses, seminars, and conferences, where your company can showcase its products and services in order to gain media attention and establish a positive public profile.

- Invest in Paid Advertising. When planning your startup marketing budget, consider using paid advertising to increase traffic and brand awareness to your website and social media pages. Many advertisers today understand the importance of investing in paid advertising, so female founders should too, particularly if they have a strong pipeline of female employees who know how to design and execute campaigns.

- Hold an Instagram Town Hall. You can easily get more followers on Instagram by holding a town hall event. Invite followers to come and visit your page. Discuss your products and services, answer questions, and build rapport with your audience. The goal of an influencer marketing strategy is to create visibility for a startup through an individual who is not a major celebrity, thereby creating a more personal relationship with your target audience. learn more about digital marketing b2b strategy here.

- Advertise in Biz accelerator, PRI and The Wire. The goal of an influencer marketing strategy is to find and promote companies that have products and services relevant to your industry. To attract investors and potential partners, you should also think about putting up a business card, website, and brochures at local trade shows, conventions, and fairs. The Internet has created a much larger marketplace than ever before, and the next step for any startup or small business is to capitalize on it. If you haven't considered using offline marketing tools to market your business, you're missing out.

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